Where Can I Find the Best Case for My iPhone 5, 5c or 5s?

There are literally thousands of cases to choose from ranging in price from a couple cents to well over one hundred dollars. But how do you know if the case you’re buying is any good? Is it necessary to spend $100 for a good iPhone case? Can I use the same case on my iPhone 5c that my friend had on his iPhone 5?

We aim to tackle these questions and many more in an effort to clear up confusion and help folks just like you find the best case for the least amount of money for your iPhone.

Where can I find the best iPhone case?

Best iPhone Case Guide

Personally I have spent hours looking through Amazon reviews and searching forums to find a case for my iPhone which will be most likely to last me a couple years. The problem is that there are so many options out there that it is very hard to know if you are getting something good.

The folks over at Best iPhone Case Guide have simplified the process by doing the work for you. They break down the best iPhone case for each iPhone and even for different occasions and lifestyles. If you are looking for the best wallet case they have you covered. Need a waterproof case? They have found the best in that category as well.

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Is it necessary to spend $100 for a good iPhone case?

Well simply put the answer is no. As Best iPhone Case Guide points out some of the best cases are far from the most expensive. It all comes down to design and materials. Even some of the big names make cases that are mediocre. It’s surprising that some of the best iPhone cases are made by small companies that few have heard of.

So it depends on the type of case you want but there are many great case out there in the $20-$40 range that will be sure to last the life of your phone.

Can I use the same case on my iPhone 5c that my friend had on his iPhone 5?

This is an important question with the release of the iPhone 5c and the fact is that most cases that were designed for the iPhone 5 will not work with the iPhone 5c. This is because the plastic backing on the 5c has more of a curve to it then the previous model making it necessary to look for cases that specifically say they are made to fit the iPhone 5c.

On the other hand most cases designed for the iPhone 5 will work with the 5s as there isn’t any change in the size of the case. One of the benefits of purchasing the iPhone 5s is knowing that there are already a ton of great cases which will work unlike the 5c which will take some time for the manufacturers to produce with the change in size.